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Since TDY employs contract staff at facilities other than our own, our safety program is web based. 

 You will be required to attend an orientation at the facility that you are assigned to work.  It is each employees responsibility to know and adhere to that facilities safety policies at all times. Please contact us if you do not understand this policy.

EMPLOYER'S RESPONSIBILITY: TDY's managment remains committed and involved in workplace safety.  We will conduct random safety inspections at your work site to ensure that you are working in a safe environment.  Since you are contracted to work in facilities not owned or controlled by TDY, it is your responsibility to report any unsafe act or working conditions to your supervisor and to notify us immediately.  We have a safety committee which will periodically review our policies and we will investigate accidents to help prevent future incidents.

EMPLOYEE'S RESPONSIBILITY:  To play an active role in creating a safe and healthy workplace and comply with all applicable safety and health rules, employees may discuss and participate in any TDY safety and health related practice and may refuse to perform dangerous tasks without fear of discrimination. You will NOT be fired, demoted, or otherwise mistreated or discriminated against at work for voicing safety & health concerns.


  • Study and follow all safe practices that apply to their work.
  • Coordinate and cooperate with all other employees in the workplace to try to eliminate on-the-job injuries and illnesses.


Helpful Tool:
Report of a Workplace Hazard

Employees are required to report workplace hazards  to help carry out the accident prevention program in their workplace. Never participate in any unsafe activities.

  • Apply the principles of accident prevention in their daily work and use proper safety devices and protective equipment as required by their employment or employer.
  • Take care of all personal protective equipment (PPE) properly.
  • Not wear torn or loose clothing while working around machinery.


Things such as clothing, hair, and jewelry can get caught in machinery and be a hazard on the job.

Employees must:

  • Report promptly to their supervisor every industrial injury or occupational illness no later than the end of the work shift.  It is preferred to report as soon as possible. 
  • Not remove, displace, damage, or destroy or carry off any safeguard, notice, or warning provided to make the workplace safe.
  • Not interfere with the use of any safeguard by anyone in the workplace.
  • Not interfere with the use of any work practice designed to protect them from injuries.
  • Do everything reasonably necessary to protect the life and safety of self and other employees.
  • Report any unsafe work condition observed (not limited to co-workers or facility issue) without fear of retribution.  IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING.
  • If you are working at a client location and asked to wear some sort of personal protective equipment that covers your shoes, you must notify TDY corporate office prior to commencing work using that equipment.

You'll need the latest version of Adobe Reader to open these documents.  This program is free.  You may be able to electronically fill out the documents once opened, and save them on your computer if you have version 8.0 or higher.  Filling out these forms electronically is preferred as it is legible and easy to send.  You must complete the forms on this page prior to starting work:

Safelifting - Please review and sign this information covering safe lifting and back injury prevention.
First Aid Guide - in the event you are injured, seek emergency medical care. Contact your supervisor and TDY as soon as possible. 
Comfort Tips for Computer Users - provided by our insurance company as a courtesy for you to review
Ladder Safety  - also provided by our insurance company.  If you are using a ladder in your daily work, please review.
OSHAPreTest - this test is required as part of your pre-employment paperwork
OSHA Ergonomics/Safety tips - this page will redirect you from the TDY website.  Please take the time to review the information on this page.

EMPLOYEE INJURY - In the event of a serious injury, seek emergency medical care first.  Contact a supervisor when an injury occurs.  If it is not a medical emergency, please print the following documents and follow company policy for seeking medical treatment:
Employee Injury Report - Employee please fill this out prior to end of work shift if an injury occurs.
Workers Comp Info Poster 

You must follow TDY Procedures/Policies regarding work place injuries.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Employee Rights Poster

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